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embarrassing experience of the day
I went to Nacional (one of the big supermarket chains here, for the uninitiated) to buy some groceries earlier. While I was there, I decided to print a couple of photos for the wall of orange couch photos in our apartment, so I stopped by the little kiosk and popped in my USB. I discovered that I had forgotten two things: a) that the kiosk automatically opens all folders and all photos on your USB, and b) that there was still a folder of disgusting STD photos on my USB for the charla I helped Elisa with. So I had to stand there and scroll through all of these nasty photos of rotting genitalia, looking for the ones I wanted to print and trying to block the screen with my body as much as possible, hoping that none of the people passing behind me could see what I was looking at! Of course, it was like the one time that any of the people working the little photo-shop-corner were at all attentive to what I was doing, and the assistant guy hovering around behind me probably got an eyeful, but he never said a word! Hahaha

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